Golf Course Maintenance

Application Spreading

     Cart Paths:

  • Dust Control: Cart paths treated with Calcium Chloride eliminates dust
  • Cart Path Stabilization: Eliminate tracking and loss of material. Stones stay on the path. Minimize pot holes “washboard effect”

  • Inject LIQUIDOW™ into your irrigation system to treat calcium definciecies in your soil. 
  • Mitigate excessive sodium levels. 
  • Provides soluble calcium in the soil profile to combat sodium and salt inputs from water, fertilizers and pesticides

Bunker Maintenance/Face Enhancement

  • Optimum moisture in the sand for firmer bunkers and better playability
  • Reduces blowing and drifting sand


We have 2 superior dry products that will take care of your snow and ice melting needs. PELADOW™ 90% and DOWFLAKE™ Xtra 83-87%
PELADOW™ 90% Provides:

  • More active ingredient= More melting volume per application
  • Unique round shape to bore through with faster ice penetration
  • Effective at temperatures as low as -25◦F vs Rock Salt at 20◦F
  • Ideal for steps, sidewalks /entryways and entrance to parking lots
  • Will not evaporate

DOWFLAKE™ Xtra 83-87% Provides:

  • 2X faster than rock salt alone in the 1st 20 minutes
  • Effective to as low as -25◦F
  • Ideal for parking lots and light traffic areas
  • Can also be mixed with sand/cinders to keep them manageable at colder temperatures and they won’t bounce and scatter since in mixture


  • Moisture retention to reduce spontaneous combustion, dust control during manufacturing and hauling, nutrient added benefit with calcium for the soil and plant.
  • The exothermic (gives off heat) properties allow for quicker manufacturing times during colder temperatures….allows the stockpiles to reach 180* quicker.