What is Enhanced Aggregate (EA) ?

Enhanced Aggregate(EA) program is a great way to take your existing aggregate operation and make it a new profit center. The program takes aggregate and treats it with 32% LIQUIDOW™ Calcium Chloride which will make a stronger base layer, retain fines, fewer voids, lower the freeze point and give your customers a choice while increasing your revenue from a differentiated aggregate.

Enhanced Aggrigate Pugmill manufacturingroad shoulder enhanced aggrigateEnhanced Aggrigate as a standalone surface
EA pugmill manufacturingEA as a stabilized shoulder applicationEA as a stand alone wearing surface

The Benefits of EA

Benefits to Quarries:
  • Freeze protection for stockpiles/year round operation

  • Simple application resulting in an added value product.

  • Ability to differentiate product and price based on added value benefit.

  • Minimizing fugitive dust in manufacturing and hauling.

Benefits to Roads:
  • Stronger sub base.

  • Improves density compaction by absorbing and retaining moisture.

  • Decreased size and number of voids.

  • Frost heave protection.

  • Better surface through support layers

  • Ability to pave EA stabilized road base anytime.

  • Minimal loss of base and sub base material.

  • Recommended for road shoulder applications.

Benefits to End Users:
  • Less voids in material.

  • Less labor costs

  • One blade/grade and roll.

  • Extended equipment life.

  • Treat more miles of roads for the same cost.

  • Extend strained budgets.

  • More aggregate stays on the road/shoulder.

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