Dust Control

Why Calcium Chloride?
Calcium chloride is hygroscopic.  It constantly draws moisture keeping unpaved roads damp and dust down.  Calcium chloride also resists evaporation, providing long lasting dust control.  LIQUIDOW™ also provides base stabilization, structural strength, and freeze thaw protection.

LIQUIDOW™ vs. The Competition
No other material measures up to the performance of LIQUIDOW™ calcium chloride.  LIQUIDOW™ provides dust control under conditions where others
lose all effectiveness.  Our higher active ingredient allows for the reduction of application rates resulting in a lower total cost per mile. 

Calcium Chloride VS. Magnesium Chloride
  Colorado Cost Comparison
  Cost per gallon
(in place)
Application Rate
(gal/sq yd.)
Gallons spread
per mile (14’)
Total Cost
per mile(14’)
MgCl2 brin

West Virginia Division of Highways (WVDOH) StudyThe WVDOH conducted an independent study comparing Calcium Chloride to other dust control products. They found "The results of this field evaluation and research project are that of the five commercial products tested as part of this research project, calcium chloride is the preferred choice for dust control. This conclusion was based on the cost, ease of application, impact on traffic, impact on the environment, and long-term storage capabilities." Please click on the Dust Control Comparison box to see their full study.

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Dust Application Costs
Treatment Type Dollars per mile(14’)
LIQUIDOW™ 38% $1700
Magnesium Chloride Brine $2191
*cost includes purchasing, hauling, and mixing with water(if applicable) and application.
Adapted from unpublished material from the 34th roads and street Maintenance Supervisors
School, USDA Forest Service, Portland, Oregon

Application Rates
LIQUIDOW™ users consistently report a reduction in aggregate losses of up to 75- 80%.  Users consistently report a 30-33% reduction in total unpaved road maintenance costs.

Dust Control Application Rates (US Units)

Product Unpaved Roads Truck Terminals & Parking Lots Mine Haul & Logging Roads
LIQUIDOW™ 38% 0.27 gal/yd2
1901 gal/lane-mi
0.30 gal/yd2
2112 gal/lane-mi
0.35 gal/yd2
2464 gal/lane-mi
LIQUIDOW™ 42% 0.24 gal/yd2
1664 gal/lane-mi
0.26 gal/yd2
1849 gal/lane-mi
0.31 gal/yd2
2157 gal/lane-mi
DOWFLAKE ™ Xtra 83-87% 1.38 lb/yd2
4.84 ton/lane-mi
1.56 lb/yd2
5.49 ton/lane-mi
1.83 lb/yd2
6.45 ton/lane-mi